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If you’ve previously donated to the GoFundMe campaign then you probably already know Mom is back in the hospital. She’s had a pretty good stretch; it’s been over a year since her last hospitalization.

It’s hard to write about Mom’s illness without painting it with my own emotions. As a child of someone with a potentially terminal illness, one of my biggest fears has been Dad calling and me missing it because I was asleep, or my phone was on silent, or any of a thousand other reasons I could probably come up with. And that’s what happened this time. It sucks.

You never forget that she’s sick but it’s easy, when she’s been relatively┬ástable, to let your guard down…for lack of a better way to phrase it. But, you can’t do that with autoimmune disease, and you can’t do that with IPF. I saw her Sunday on Easter and now she’s in the hospital with pneumonia; it happens that quickly.

Mom probably won’t be thrilled with the details I’m about to share, but I think she’ll forgive me in the interest of spreading awareness. IPF is a disease that receives very little coverage, and it seems like even friends and family members of people with IPF don’t always understand how horribly crippling this disease really is.

I know Mom would agree that anything we can do to raise awareness is worth it.

So here goes: Mom passed out last night. After arguing with Dad (because she’s hard-headed; it runs in the family) because she never wants to go to the ER, she was packing a bag to take to the hospital. After a few minutes she still hadn’t come out of the bathroom. When Dad knocked she didn’t answer him. He found her passed out leaning over the sink, likely because she wasn’t getting enough oxygen.

She was admitted to the hospital from the ER with pneumonia. I don’t have much of an update as far as her current condition, but I’ll post updates here or on her GoFundMe as I have them.