Donate Via ThredUp

You might have noticed a link on the site that says Donate Via ThredUp. ThredUp is an alternate means of fundraising for us. And as someone who has always bought second-hand, Mom really excited about its inclusion on the site.

So, what is ThredUp?

It’s an online consignment shop that carries women’s and children’s clothing and accessories. Sorry guys!

They accept a vast array of brands from Basic Editions (sold at Kmart & Sears) to higher end brands like IGIGI and Michael Kors. They also accept plus sizes, maternity, athletic, and swimwear. And shoes!

ThredUp does have a list of things and brands they do not accept, and you can review the list here.

How does it work?

First, you need to request a bag from ThreadUp, by using the link on our menu, or by clicking HERE.¬†You should see a big orangish button on the right hand side of our group page that says “Order a bag!”

When ordering your bag you’ll have the option to either have the items ThredUP doesn’t want returned to you (you pay shipping) or they’ll donate it for you.

Once you get your bag, FILL IT UP! Then give it to your USPS carrier or your nearest FedEx Office location.

When your bag makes it back to ThredUp the items you send will be reviewed and we’ll be given up to 80% of the retail value.

It’s that easy!

Please consider helping us raise money for mom’s medical care by donating your gently used clothing and accessories!

And of course, direct cash donations to our GoFundMe campaign are still much appreciated!